Monday, May 08, 2006

Another question...

Do y'all know where I could get some lables to sew into or onto items that I make, that would look more professional than what I could do?

*Editing this because apparently my question didn't make sense...I'm not talking about using someone ELSE'S label-that makes no sense whatsoever. I'm talking about getting custom labels.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My first attempt at machine quilting...

OK-normally, I machine piece but hand quilt. This time I decided to machine quilt. Talk about wrinkled up backing! Thank goodness I am planning to add Minke (is that the right word?) for a final backing, and it won't show.

How do y'all keep everything straight...if you machine quilt?

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Does anyone have a pattern/template for a Robot? I need to make something by hand for a 9 year old boy who is into robots. I don't need to make a whole quilt, but I thought a pillow or maybe a hanging for his bedroom wall. I've checked around in some books, but I guess robots aren't real big in the quilting world...just hoping someone here might be able to help. Thanks!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sky Dye

I put both the old and the new on the same page so that I could view them together. I didn't like the black background at all so I didn't even bother with that. Now this is just me, but I find the new background far superior to the old one. What say every one else?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Sheril I love this piece especially your additions. Makes a more balanced whole. However I still feel that the two blue bows on the red bottom right are wrong. They don't blend with the rest of the piece. Why not try taking them off and seeing what you think? The block of red would be good with the rest of the piece. It would be strong and make a statement. Just my take on it.

Note: I've just realised that what I'm calling blue bows are probably meant to be arches. Why not just have one arch...the main one? And possibly make it a tad thicker?

Enchanted Buildings

I love the buildings. It is very lively and fun to look at. The buildings flow into each other effortlessly. If it were mine and I could see something to change (and of course we can't see it in our own work!!) I would do something with the very strong striped sky. Compared to the roundness and flow of the rest of the work, it catches my eye as a bit hard and unplanned; like you had the stripes already sewn together from some other work and decided to put them in the background. my $.02 Tommy

Monday, January 23, 2006

Curved Shovels

Actually I was never going to do anything with the curved shovels. I did it because Nancy Crow suggested it, but after that I had no idea as to how to utilize them. I put it on the critique blog as a question rather than a design problem. They were just an assignment that I didn't understand. I thought maybe someone else would have.

Hey Tommy..

what did you ever decide about your curved shovel work??

One Cent


What I would like to see is the piece WITH the changes you have made before I comment. You may have already changed what I would say.

Also, something is very wrong if it took ten minutes to download your photo. Was it in jpeg format? I edit all my photos by changing their size from monsterous (28 in on one side)to a neat 5" on the biggest side. I change the pixels from 72 to 150, because you can always go down but once you make the change you can never make them more than they were.

You have very vibrant colors that are lovely. Why do you feel you need to only use hand dyed? Put some commercial fabrics in if you can't find what you want in your hand dyed. The quilting police won't know the difference and more importantly, no one will care. Then you can continue to dye what you like but have what you NEED for any given composition.


Not even a penny's worth...


First I would like to see what changes you've made.. then I can comment better. However, until that shows up...

Second, you've done a wonderful job of choosing and placing fabrics in most of this piece that makes things "feel" dimensional.

Third. The one place where the dimension isn't working is the red onion dome in the right bottom. I'm assuming this is where you were making changes?

Fourth. What are you plans for the unfinished right hand edge?

Ok, that's enough without a current photo to work from.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Talking about curved shovels


Looking at the original block, the diagonal curvy line is one change on your shovel shapes...but the use of 3 colors was a major change. I think of your shovels as 2 values of the same color.. that change to values of another. But not 3 colors.

When you went to the "study" and went back to values within a color, it became kind of interesting, very subtle, and it looks like your stuff. "uumphed" a little, but not that much of change.

Why not play with a few blocks, using the 3 colors again? You can do that in EQ5 if you don't wish to do it fabric (though the "look" is completely different). However, I suspect doing them in fabric will get something happening in your head, and at some point a lightbulb will turn on.